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What are the Main Beauty Treatments Offered by Salons?

If you’re looking for a skin clinic in Ahmedabad that can provide quality laser hair removal treatment, then let us tell you that the first step, before you pick this treatment for yourself is that it helps to read up on the subject. We know it is quite easy to want the promise of a stubble-free life becoming a reality and honestly, for Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad, you will not a find a better clinic than the Happy Living. However, it really is oh-so-important, that you take cognisance of the facts that are associated with the procedure and then ascertain if it’s the right treatment for you!

For women today, of course, there are so many hair removal options ranging from waxing, threading to shaving or tweezing, depending upon the part of the body you’re targeting, however, of course, nothing compares to the permanent solution that laser hair removal in Ahmedabad can provide so let us guide you through a few things that happen in the process and what you can expect out of the treatment – all in the name of research:

  • The Process May Sound Painful but it Really isn’t that Bad: As experts in Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad, we can tell you about how laser hair removal really works. What happens first is that the light of a laser travels through the pigment in the hair which converts to heat and damages the hair follicle and the hair bulb. Now though this might sound to be a painful procedure, trust us it’s not that bad – it’s almost as sharp as when you thread a full growth, so you have a fair idea about how it goes. While getting Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad, there will be a constant stream of cool air being blasted by the laser, which will make you feel comfortable.
  • The Patience Really Pays Off: It will take roughly 2-3 weeks post your first treatment to see an actual difference and about 8-12 treatments to get the desired final result. Clients generally report seeing good result post the sect sitting on that is roughly at about 9 weeks. The thing is you need to be really regular with your appointments when getting laser hair removal in Ahmedabad, as your hair follicles are generally all at different stages of their growth, hence you want to make sure that each of them has a fair chance to get zapped.
  • You Have Got to Trim/Shave the Area Before You Go for Laser: The laser can end up reacting with the hair on the skin’s surface and even give you that dreaded burning smell, which if you don’t shave, you’ll learn beforehand. There is a common myth that shaving leads to thicker darker hair – trust us that doesn’t happen and while undergoing the treatment from a good Skin Clinic in Ahmedabad, it is best to follow that protocol and get yourself cleaned up, before your session.
  • Facial Hair Removal by Laser is Actually a Pretty Fast Process: If you’re going to take treatments for facial hair removal you can actually be in and out of the clinic in half an hour. Contrary to what you might thing Laser Hair removal is actually a pretty fast enough procedure, with not a lot of waiting or downtime. Probably the only thing that might cost you a bit of time is to reapply the makeup afterwards, but then hey- Priorities!
  • You Might Have to Make Changes into Your Beauty Regime: If you’re taking extra care of your skin with scrubs, retinol, glycolic acid etc. you will have to avoid them at least 2 days before your laser hair removal in Ahmedabad. In fact, adding some other elements like face mists and moisturisers might be a good idea, because many a time your skin might seem to be getting a little dryer.

When choosing to go for a laser hair removal, it is best to s to select the best skin clinic in Ahmedabad, which of course is the Happy Living! Not only will we ensure that you get the best treatment possible, we also do it as per your convenience, keeping all your needs in mind. So you can kiss all you body hair woes goodbye and in case you are thinking of a complete lifestyle overhaul, did we mention we also the best weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad! So try our services today and kiss goodbye to all your unwanted hair!