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What you need to know about getting a hair transplant from London’s top surgeons

Are you thinking of hair transplant surgery in London? Well that Sounds Good! Our Team at Zestige is more than happy to help. We notice that more of your scalp/bald area seem visible every day to you, where in you want that all to look like a full head of black hair or your shade of brown hair.

Many of us have a Myth thinking that having a Hair Transplant of Hair restorationlondon process is just a simple walk-in kind. Not always that you just get the Dr. ask for the fees, get to the operation theater, heal for a week or so and then get back to being my normal with hairy-headed. Wrong! You need to very well understand that noanyone selling you a hair transplant or hair loss prevention methods if they give you the sales pitch of an affordable priced, low-pain, no-scarring treatment performed in London.

Since we know that hair transplant is the only way of hair restoration to you, such are questions of huge number of men specifically from London area, then their conclusion after countless questions have been answered by Zestige UK. Yes we offer all the services related to Hair Transplant, Hair restoration as well as Hair loss prevention care and treatment at out London Practice center.

Before you take a decision of undergoing a hair transplant in London, you should know a lot of facts that shall be an eye opener for you before choosing the right Medical practicing Doctor who shall perform your hair restoration of hair transplant procedure.

Having a Hair Transplant Surgery should be considered a final option.

Generally people think thathair transplant surgery or hair restoration is like a simple thing. But the actual thing is that it is a though one. A hair transplant or hair restoration might be simple for what you need right now but there are also certain other therapies that could be highly effective for your situation. Maintaining what you’ve got also helps to create a concrete base to build upon via a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant is not the onetime thing always for everyone


Many people have an assumption that hair transplant surgery is only once in life time thing, but that’s not the fact actually. In many cases you can think on the transplanted hair of your first treatment staying lifelong but as your body naturally let go offmany of your own natural previous hairs in that areas will off lately need to be attended to. Hence again the second treatment or procedure shall take place. Hence after the first session, patients realize how the first surgery was and then know what to expect further to improve their hair with consistent touch base sessions for other areas of untreated scalp.

Having a Hair Transplant doneis Not A Cure, it’s a treatment to ensure consistency

It is necessary to understand that having a hair transplant surgery is not going to cure your hair loss condition permanently. When anyone’s body undergoes the genital changes, hair loss is a natural process. Hence other options like hair restoration or hair loss preventionlondontreatments shall also be given equal consideration to have a look upon.

Hair Transplants comes with cost

Like every other procedures or surgeries Hair transplant is a meticulous work, hence the cost will be there since a good hair transplants are not cheap. One should not get tempted to cheap options as this is your health and your life. One has to be realistic and understand the facts of medical things and your finances. Hair transplant as an investment for your own self and for your well being. At Zest practice wehave a full-time surgeon and our own team of highly skilled medical personnel working on your treatment alone.

You will face Scarring as a treatment is performed.

That is the fact that hair transplant will fetch in the multiple factors will dictate the level of scarring. Do not be carries away with the fake advertiser who say that into going ahead with their practitioner they promises a “scarless hair transplant”. NO!! it will never happen.

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