Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

Signs That You Have Anxiety

About 260 million people suffer from anxiety disorders globally. This is proof that most people have experienced anxiety at some point in their lives. There are tons of day to day activities that cause stress. It could be financial pressure, moving to a new place, or dealing with relationships. However, when these triggers do more than stress you and begin to interfere with your daily life, then the chance is high that you are experiencing an anxiety disorder.

 If you can diagnose it in good time, you can manage it using Kratom Capsules and other stress management techniques. But first, you need to identify whether or not you could be suffering from the disorder. Here are some of the symptoms.

  1. Agitation

Are you having a dry mouth, shaky hands, or sweaty palms any time you feel that you are facing a threat? If you have anxiety, it is characteristic of your nervous system to go into overdrive. What does this mean? The body starts sensing danger, and it reacts to it through impulses such as a racing heart to prepare your body for flight.

Whereas the reaction is essential when you are facing actual danger, the difference here is that all the worry is usually in your head. More so, such response to perceived threat lasts for only a while, if this seems extensive, then it is a sign of anxiety.

  1. Excessive worrying

Excessive worrying is another obvious symptom of anxiety. Again, it is pretty normal to get worried about your presentation at work, oncoming exams, and other events in life. When the worry is too much, then it is a sign, it is anxiety. What exactly is too much? Well, we are talking about the worry extending for even months and is almost impossible to control.

Excessive worrying is capable of disrupting your daily life and affecting your ability to accomplish tasks. If you feel that you are worried continuously, it is vital to contact a doctor for a way forward.

  1. Irritability

Irritability is among the symptoms of individuals suffering from anxiety disorders experience. According to studies done on generalized anxiety disorder, 90% of the people struggling with anxiety experience high levels of irritability. Because anxiety causes too much worrying and agitation, it only makes sense that it will cause irritability also.

  1. Restlessness

This symptom does not necessarily manifest in everyone suffering from anxiety. However, it is one of the signs that doctors will not fail to look at for diagnosis. Restlessness is characterized by the consistent urge to move, and it is a symptom mostly associated with the children or teens experiencing anxiety. If you are always restless, for instance, for periods going over six months, you should consider discussing it with your doctor.

The symptoms above are some of the major red flags of anxiety. While the likelihood of experiencing anxiety at some point in your life, effectively dealing with it is essential. Ignoring it increases the risk of developing severe disorders such as depression.