Friday, 27 Jan 2023

The F45 Challenge – ProvenResults in Two Months    

 If you are a follower ofall things fitness,you may be wondering about F45. You might have heard your colleagues discussing it, or seen amazing before and afterF45 training bodies on social media, or maybe you have a friend who’s been trying to get you to asession – so what exactly is F45?

F45 training first began in Australia in 2011, butdue to it’sresults driven popularity, demand for the successful program quickly spread internationally, and now F45 incorporates hundreds of franchises across the globe.

F45 training sessions are 45 minute, high-intensity circuit sessions integrating a wide range of cardio, strength & resistance based classesdesigned to burn fat, build muscle and tone the body.  Every workout is a unique experience and no program is repeated, because there are 3,000 different exercises in the F45training database.

Especially popular is the F45 8-Week Challenge, attracting those who want to change their unhealthy lifestyles and see results fast. This programis split into three phases -Spring Training, Regular Season, and World Series,which are designed to support the body as it becomes fitter. Once on the challenge, participants attend training sessions at least three times a week and follow the Three Phase Nutrition Program, filled with a variety of great tasting options. All the meal plans are available on the f45 app and online portal.

Spring Training– Weeks1 And 2

The first phase of the 8-week challenge laststwo weeks. This important phase primarily focuseson diet to reduce sugar dependence, detox the body, and prepare it to burn as much fat as possible. If caffeine and alcohols are in your daily routine, this will test your resolve -because you need to avoid alcohol and caffeine from this phase onwards.The diet focuses on removing gluten, high fructose fruits, and refined sugar and temporarily, red meat and dairy. Your daily diet will consist of white meat, fibrous vegetables, plant-based proteins and gluten-free grains.The four training sessions a weekwill focus on targeting specific muscle groups employing weights to increase your maximum tolerance.

  1. Regular Season – Weeks3-6

The ‘Regular Season’ is the longest phase of the challenge, when the main concentration will be on building muscle mass. This is supported by eating a high protein diet to help with healthy fat loss andmuscle repair. As training sessions intensify, the body requires more energy to prevent muscle breakdown during workouts so red meat isincorporated and low-carb breads and cheesesare permitted. At this stage, you will begin to notice an increase in your body’s flexibility.

  1. World Series – Weeks7-8

In the final phase, with the challenge ending – you’ll need to push yourself and train harder by employing heavier weights. Your meal plan now includes healthy dietary oils like nuts, avocado and oily fish, and focuses on a nutritious high fat, low carb diet toencourage the body to use fat stores as an energy source.

There’s a Lot to Gain and It’s Not Fat!

F45 Training places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results. This eight-week challenge is all about commitment, and to get the results, you need to be disciplined and stick to the program. Be honest with yourself before starting – do you want it enough? You’ll only get back what you put in. If your answer is ‘yes’ and you complete the challenge, you will love the change in your fitness, your body and your mindset -and undoubtedly join the ranks of the F45 Training faithful!