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Recovery of the Stomach after a Sleeve Gastrectomy

Recovery of the Stomach after a Sleeve Gastrectomy

Do you want to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Arizona? If yes, then it’s crucial to know everything entailed within the surgery. Thus, you can be certain to know what you’ll be experiencing.

What Is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy?

The bariatric surgeon will take out nearly 70 to 80 % of your stomach in this weight loss procedure. The leftover part of the tummy will be created in the shape of a sleeve or tube. The new stomach has a minimal capacity for holding foods and drinks. You won’t be able to eat like you used to be before the surgery. Since your short-term diet is restricted to fluids, your body will start to adjust to the variations in food consumption.

Recovery from a Sleeve Gastrectomy

Since small incisions are made during the surgery, the recovery period for a gastric sleeve procedure is not very long. During the initial weeks following any bariatric procedure, you’ll have to adhere to a strict diet plan. You may feel exhausted right after the procedure. Take as much rest as possible after the surgery and stick to the recommended diet plan. Switch to soft food after some weeks, and after a month, start introducing solid foods to your diet.

Various symptoms of the dehydration post gastric sleeve surgery

Once you have undergone this surgery, you would have to get ready for some after effects too. Let’s have a look at some signs of dehydration after Gastric Sleeve Surgery below:

  1. Headache
  2. Dry mouth
  3.  Dry skin
  4. Dizziness
  5. Feeling thirsty
  6. Nausea
  7. Fast heart rate
  8. Dark coloured urine

What to Consider During the Recovery Process?

If you continuously eat foods that are not nutritious, sleeve surgery can cause a risk for nutritional deficiencies. Even if you take nutrients like before the procedure, you won’t be able to consume as much. As a result, you’ll end up consuming a smaller quantity of nutrients.

A majority of weight loss programs suggest having extra B vitamins and multivitamins every day. It is always better to check your health with a yearly examination. A licensed dietary expert can aid in selecting the right, healthy foods. These experts are usually part of a good weight loss program. Making daily exercises a part of your schedule will aid you in maximizing all the positive changes related to weight reduction. It’ll even lower the body fat percentage that’ll help revitalize your weight.

Men must strive to have a decidedly deciduous fat percentage of 20 to 25 %, whereas women must aspire for 30 to 35 %.