So, Do We Have to Brush Our Teeth After Using the Whitening Strips?

Every one of us is very much important to keep that beautiful smile on our face. This is only possible by removing the hitch that stops us from smiling. One of them being a dull or discoloured tooth, but we do have a solution to and that is whitening the teeth.

It has become so much popular that people are trying to do it themselves rather than visiting a dentist. There are many UK teeth whitening solutions available on the internet as well as the market. These are much better than those DIY solutions that you get randomly in the market (as they are unreliable and dangerous too).

Today in this article we will talk about whitening strips, which are said to be one of the best options. Euro white UK,is having a wide range of whitening products that are made from natural resources and easy to use too. You can try their crest teeth whitening stripswhich removes years-long stains.

Here are some tips for using teeth whitening strips:

Most importantly, you need to apply the teeth whitening strips almost every day, as mentioned in the instructions or said by your dentist. Do not skip even a single day.

Brush your teeth before the application: It is essential to brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush before you apply these whitening strips.

You can use toothpaste too but it is not compulsory. Avoid using toothpaste with fluoride, as it will make the whitening agent ineffective. You can use the Crest 3D white toothpaste as it can also be useful in whitening your teeth.

There are two ways that you can use the whitening strips:

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  1. Home kit: here the dentist will have to take your dental impression, and with that, they will make the exact custom tray that will fit your teeth properly. The whitening gel will be placed in the tray and you need to apply it to your tooth every day as recommended. The Crest whitening strips is also the best one which has hydrogen peroxide in it to whiten the teeth.
  2. In-office: Here the dentist will place a whitening gel on the teeth and then apply a high-powered light to speed up the process. He will also ensure that an isolating agent will be applied to the gums so that the light doesn’t affect them.

Brush your teeth after whitening:

Brushing immediately after the process is not recommended. Your teeth will be a little sensitive for a couple of hours after the process. Though the whitening strips will cause a little less sensitivity as compared to another whitening process, this process will also take a longer time to get your teeth whitened as there is a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide in them.

It is advisable to give your teeth some time to close their pores after the application of these strips. As the pores will be open for a couple of hours, you will most likely stain your tooth with foods and beverages of dark colours. Avoid eating anything like chocolates, coffee, soda, berries and wine till late in the evening.