Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024

What are AHAs and Why Are These Good For Your Skin?

AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids) are a group of natural acids used in a variety of skincare products due to their many benefits. The skincare products which use AHAs include anti-ageing products, toners, serums, and creams. Seven types of AHAs are used in skincare products. You can get AHA infused products from which is a trusted pharmacy. The different types of AHAs beneficial for skincare:

  • glycolic acid 
  • citric acid 
  • hydroxycaprylic acid 
  • hydroxycaproic acid 
  • lactic acid 
  • tartaric acid 
  • malic acid 

Out of all the AHAs available, lactic and glycolic acids are the most promising in terms of skincare benefits. These two AHAs are less likely to cause inflammation and are suitable for sensitive skin. Because of these qualities, most products with AHAs contain either glycolic or lactic acid. It is advised to visit a skin clinic before buying any chemical skincare products as you may not know much about your skin and end up buying products that may damage your skin. AHAs are commonly used to exfoliate. They are used to:

  • correct discolouration from age spots and scars
  • promote blood flow to skin and collagen production
  • improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • prevent acne
  • brighten skin complexion


  1. They help to exfoliate

AHAs are commonly used to exfoliate the skin. This is the main function of all AHAs. Exfoliation is the process in which the dead skin cells shed off from the surface. This process not only helps remove dead skin cells but also generate new skin cells.

As you get older, your skin cell cycle slows down, which can trigger the build-up of dead skin cells. Too many dead skin cells can accumulate and make the skin complexion dull. Dead skin cell build-up can also cause other skin issues, such as acne, dark spots, age spots and wrinkles. 

But still, all AHAs are not capable of exfoliating the skin. Keep in mind the more AHAs are in a product, the more powerful its exfoliating effects are.

  1. They help visibly brighten skin

When AHAs exfoliate your skin, the bonds between dead skin cells get broken down. The new skin that appears from beneath is more radiant and brighter. AHAs with citric acid can brighten your skin even further after shedding off the dead skin.

  1. They help promote collagen production

Collagen is a fiber, rich in protein that helps keep the skin smooth and plump. Sun damage may affect collagen production which can result in sagging skin. Collagen comprises the middle layer of the skin (dermis). When the upper layer of skin is removed, products such as AHAs can penetrate and work on the dermis. AHAs help promotes collagen production and reveals fresh skin.


  1. Reduce signs of ageing

AHAs are best known for their anti-ageing effects. People who use AHAs regularly in their skincare routine see visible improvements in their skin texture. So it is best to include any kind of AHAs in your skincare routine if you want fresh, plump skin.