Friday, 17 May 2024

Osteoarthritis Can Be Easily Managed With Right Aid

Pain is something that a lot of people tend to tolerate more and more as they grow older, however, tolerating pain is certainly the wrong thing to do about it. Quite often, even minor indications of chronic pain are a sign that you should visit a doctor and consult about a condition that might be behind it, like for example, the condition called osteoarthritis.

What is this osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, or as it will be shortened later in the article OA, is a condition that affects the whole joint. There are various forms of this condition, and sometimes it can simply be an inflammation of the tissue around the joint, sometimes it can damage the joint cartilage, which is the cushion of protection that allows smooth movement of the joint.

In other cases, it can cause bony spurs growing at the joint’s edge, and sometimes it can lead to deterioration of ligaments and tendons. When it comes to the joints that can be targeted by this condition, there are no limits, however, the most common affected areas are the knees, finger joints, the big toe, and hips.

Knee pain is often experienced with osteoarthritis

Why does it occur?

According to a rheumatologist in Brisbane like arthritisCARE, there are various causes for this condition, depending on the area it manifests on. For example, if the knees or the hips are the affected area, the main cause of this is usually being overweight or another reason that could put a lot of stress on the knees, such as doing work that involves lifting heavy things, like farming.

If the affected are hands, the main reason of OA tends to be that someone in the family suffered from this condition, implying that it is hereditary, or if there was a previous injury and now you are repetitively using your hands to do some kind of heavy lifting.

Can you treat it?

While here is currently not a cure for OA, there is a treatment that can effectively control the symptoms. It is quite a common mistake to believe advertisements that claim for a complete removal of OA, as those things unfortunately do not exist, and you should avoid wasting your time and money on such things.

Treatment for OA is quite similar to the cause of OA, as it depends on the affected area. In some cases, losing weight is the best option and solution, especially if the condition did not develop that much. You can find more information at about this condition in general, or you can consult with your doctor.

Illustration how osteoarthritis affects the joint

Final Word

Seeing your doctor as soon as you notice some kind of pain in your joints or muscles is generally the best thing to do in order to prevent not only OA from advancing, but any other arthritis that exists. Educating yourself on this topic is also very helpful as you will have an easier time explaining your symptoms to your doctor.