Thursday, 21 Sep 2023


While you are enjoying your favourite ice cream or a hot cup of tea, have you experience a sharp sense of pain? If yes, then what you are suffering from is known as sensitivity. In such a situation you should book your appointment with your Dental Office Caledon who will assess your teeth and help you get rid of the sensitivity so that you can enjoy your favourite ice cream again. Here is all that you need to know about sensitivity, what it is and how it can be managed or cured.

What is Dentin hypersensitivity or sensitivity?

Dentin hypersensitivity is a condition which is caused by the stimulation of cells which are located in the dentin. Dentin is a layer which presents under the enamel of the teeth and can become exposed through wear and tear and even through dental maladies. When there is a stimulation of cells in dentin, eating and drinking either hot or cold foods and beverages or even when they touch your teeth can often expose them to cold air which causes that sensation of pain and discomfort.

What can be done if you are suffering from hypersensitivity? 

If you have been feeling a sense of pain or discomfort when consuming either hot or cold foods and beverages, then book your appointment for a diagnostic evaluation with your dental office. This will help to eliminate more serious problems like cavities of the abscess. In case you are suffering from a severe case of dentin hypersensitivity, then the dentist or your dental hygienist might seal the sensitive area for a while till it heals. When the sensitivity is less severe then you will be prescribed a special fluoride gel or even be asked to use one of the many over the counter toothpaste which is available for sensitive teeth. While buying the toothpaste, ensure that it contains either potassium nitrate or strontium chloride.