Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

Cosmetic Surgery Preparation Tips

Whether you are planning on having a bum lift, nose surgery, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or reduction, recovery after plastic surgery is a likely concern. The great news is that if you begin preparing earlier for your upcoming cosmetic procedure, you will be in a position to recover well.

In this piece, we recommend the following lifestyle and dietary tips to help you better your cosmetic surgery recovery time.

· Obtain sufficient essential nutrients

Consider supplementing your diet before as well as after your cosmetic surgery with high levels of selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Each one of them plays a vital role in building the immune system and wound healing, therefore decreasing the chances of wound infection. Getting adequate amounts of nutrients is very crucial for recovery, especially during comprehensive procedures such as facelift, liposuction, bum lift, or tummy tuck.

· Schedule your surgery when you are healthy

When you are relatively in good health, you will give your immune system an excellent chance towards a fast or speedy recovery.

· Increase protein intake

The two most essential healing elements are protein and calories. Extra protein is necessary to build new blood vessels and tissue, improve the production of cells, which repair the wound, and repair injured tissue. It is important to take high-quality protein sources such as lean cuts of meat, beans and legumes, poultry, and fish.

· Drink plenty of water

Stay well dehydrated, particularly the day before your cosmetic surgery. Drink at least six to eight glasses of high-quality water every day to help hydrate and cleanse your body. Keep in mind that fluid intake must be reduced the day of the procedure to avoid complications. Ensure that you avoid fluids after midnight unless your surgeon told you otherwise.

· Have a support structure

Friends and family members can help you throughout the stressful time of your surgery. They can offer emotional support and also offer a helping hand with household chores.

· Take part in relaxation techniques

Taking medication or yoga classes, listening to soothing music or relaxation tapes are good examples of relaxation techniques, which help in stress reduction.

· Don’t smoke two weeks prior to or after surgery

Smoking will definitely increase the risk of complications during surgery. It also causes less oxygen supply to the cells of the body. You should know that most facial plastic surgeons won’t perform facelifts to patients who smoke because recovery and wound healing are inhabited by smoking.

Don’t drink alcohol seventy hours before or after surgery as it can suppress your immune system.

Don’t take Aspirin or related products

Aspirin is an anti-coagulant, hence not recommended prior to any surgery. Instead, take probiotics with antibiotics to avoid GI upset.


Preparing to undergo cosmetic surgery is like training for a race or marathon. You need to mentally and physically prepare your body for the stressful time it will endure in the procedure room.

Additionally, check your surgeon’s credentials carefully before trusting him or her. We would recommend a clinic in Poland for having qualified and certified surgeons, learn more at Europe Surgery. We wish you a successful procedure!