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What is the Cost of Cavity Filling When You Do Not Have Insurance?

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The Cavity is one of the very common dental problems among children. You should right away take your child to the dentist in the case of a cavity of your child. Treating cavity in a proper way not only prevent tooth decay it also prevents many other problems. Most people get discouraged for cavity filling because of the cost of cavity filling. Though you may have insurance the entire cost of cavity filling may not get reimbursed due to many reasons. Cavity filling cost without insurance vares depending on the number of teeth requiring filling and on the type of materials to use for filling the teeth. Consult Oracare for detail information on the cost of cavity filling of your child as well as to get all necessary assistance for the cavity filling.

In general, cavity filling with metal or silver amalgam costs 50 to 150 USD for one to two teeth and if it exceeds from two teeth it costs between 120 to 300 USD. If you are not interested of filling with silver amalgam and opt for tooth-coloured resin fillings you may have to spend 90 to 250 USD for one to two teeth and in the case of more teeth, it may cost you 150 to 450 USD. The most expensive cavity fillings are the porcelain or cast-gold filling. It would cost you between 250 to 4500 USD depending on the size and situation of the cavity.

The cost of cavity filling increases if the cavity of your child has affected more numbers of teeth. You may have to visit the dentist or the clinic several times in the case of infection in more numbers of teeth and gum. Visiting the clinic again and again also will increase your expenditure. The distance of the clinic for cavity filling from your location is one of the reasons for determining the cost of your cavity filling.

The third reason for increasing the cavity filling cost is the position of infected teeth. If your child has a cavity in one of the teeth which hard to reach and causing complication during filling it would eventually need extra time and raise the cost. Most importantly, if infected teeth are meant to chew the food material than other teeth, then it has to be filled with extra care using stronger materials. This process would also need extra time and increased cost.