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Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Are you also looking forward to consulting an Ophthalmic Surgeon? If yes, then this article is meant for you. In this article, we will be discussing about Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon.

An Ophthalmic Surgeon (also known as Ophthalmologist) is a surgeon who looks after the treatments of every type of eye disease, does eye surgery, gives prescriptions, and also performs fitting of eyeglasses and contact lens.

The ophthalmologist also has a unique feature, i.e., they perform scientific research upon a disease taking the questions why it is caused, how it will be cured, and much more.

Generally, an Ophthalmologist is a mixture of surgical and medical care. These doctors are often specialized and highly trained in any specific field.

Sub-specializations of Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists can choose any field of sub-specialization. These fields can be:-

  1. Cataract Surgery- Ophthalmologists can choose to have a specialization in cataract surgery. This surgery involves the curing of the natural crystalline lens on which a cloudy substance appears by the process of aging.
  2. Treatment of Cancer- An Ophthalmologist can also be a cancer specialist. Cancer specialists are the doctors who have the most demand in the present world.
  3. Reconstructive Surgery- This surgery is done to those who are born with abnormalities by birth. These surgeries are very risky. Still, many Ophthalmologists have gained specialization in performing this surgery. This surgery is also committed to recover a patient from trauma.
  4. Refractive Surgery- This surgery is performed when the patient wants to free himself from the dependency on glass and contact lenses. There are many ways in which this surgery can be achieved.

Check this video to know about Implantable contact lens:


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Signs that you need to consult an Ophthalmologist:

Till now, we have discussed a lot about Ophthalmologists. Let’s discuss the signs which indicate that you need to consult an Ophthalmologist.

Firstly, you are having a sudden loss of sight. This symptom should not be ignored as it can even result in blindness afterward. If you are also suffering from the sudden loss of sight, you must consult an Ophthalmologist now.

Secondly, you are suffering from eye pain. This pain can even be harmful. It is mainly caused when the eyes catch the ultraviolet rays. Another reason for this can also be staring at screens for a long time. If you are also suffering from an eye pain, consulting an Ophthalmologist is the best solution.

Thirdly, you are unable to keep a stare at flashes of light. To some people, flashes of light can even be painful for their eyes. If you are also unable to stare at the flashes of lights, then you must consult an Ophthalmologist.

Lastly, you are often having burning in your eyes. This happens due to a variety of reasons. These reasons can even be genetic too. If you are also having this problem, you must consult an Ophthalmologist.

You can quickly consult an Ophthalmologist in just a few minutes. Eye problems should never be avoided. If you are also suffering from any of these symptoms discussed above, book your appointment with an Ophthalmologist now.