Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024

Weight Lifting Nutrition

Nutrition for Weight Lifting and Muscle Gain

If you have been training with weights have you have some results to show that you are proud of then you will know the importance of the correct nutrition. But if you are just starting out and you want to put on good quality weight fast then you need to start with the education of proper nutrition.

The first thing you need a lot of is motivation as eating six times a day can be something that may sound completely impossible when you start out. But before giving you the basics of good nutrition to feed your muscles there are a few basics that need to be covered.

The food you eat is like the gasoline that you put in your car because without it your body will just not go. But just like gas the quality of the gas you put in your car can clean your engine or make it die slowly as it gets all rusted up. You need to start slowly and not suddenly go from one meal a day to 6 meals a day.

Although it takes dedication and commitment to eat correctly it certainly does not mean that you need to spend all your spare time in the kitchen preparing or eating. It all needs a little foresight and a little preparation which can be done in only a couple of hours a week.

You will need to decide what you priorities are with regards to eating correctly and put away the idea of eating any fried foods. This certainly does not mean that you will never eat fries again; having fries once a week is not going to make you fat. It is having them every day that will make you fat.

If you are thinking that this kind of eating sounds like you are eating the same thing every day, then you need to be a bit creative. There are many different ways of spicing up a good meal without resorting to a simple burger and fries. One just needs to be a bit creative.

Choosing your protein is important and you need to select a type of protein that you will be able to prepare without getting it fried. Grilled, boiled, steamed is the way to go and you can decide on many different ways of doing these preparations when cooking. You can find many receipes on line for high protein meals, protein shakes and even high protein ice cream.

Selecting the best type of carbohydrate is just as important and you need to make sure that it is as complex a carbohydrate as you can get. There is a big difference between white rice and brown rice for example. The same for white bread and thick heavy whole-wheat seed-loaf bread would also apply.

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