Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

Photography Ideas for Fun Family Portraits

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Now is the best time to compose a family portrait. Truthfully, any time is the best opportunity to capture your family being goofy and happy to be together. Make a holiday card or book that you can treasure and pass down as a family heirloom like the ones photographers in Raleigh NCcreate with flair.

All you need to do is choose some photoshoot ideas, outfits, themes and props. There are so many locations you can pick, and make a day of it, plan a picnic or any other fun outing. Let us get you started with some ideas for inspiration.

·Dress Like Your Favorite Avenger

Get out the discarded superhero costumes that you wore at a previous Halloween party. If you do not have any, get down to the nearest costume store. They must have Thor wielding his hammer and Wonder Woman with her lasso! Have fun trying out different costumes and pick a few.

·Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

Get out on the playground and run amok with your children on the swings, slides and monkey bars. Channel your inner-child out to the front. Play and skip along like children do when running between the ground equipment, with gleeful expressions and squeals of joy.

Even the cameras enjoy the innocent charm of playful children, and photographers in Raleigh NC will be quick to agree!

·Mud Bath? Yes, Please!

Balmy days are the best to get out your splashing pool and rub mud all over yourselves! Getting dirty is fun because afterwards, you can jump into the pool to splash around as you rinse off.  Have a pile of towels nearby so that no one goes tracking in mud in the house.

·Frame Yourselves

 See how many ways you can you frame yourselves. Get several sizes of empty frames, and use them as props. Pose with them after choosing a background. You can place yourself inside or outside of the borders.

 Fashion some frames out of you have lying around; bicycle tires, a loop of combs fastened together, your mobile handsets, swimming goggles, anything that takes your fancy. Create magic by surrounding each family member with what they like to horde. Frame dad with mum’s shoes for a laugh!

·Involve Fido And His Mates

If you have pets, get them involved. Build a mini Olympic ground for your hamster or play with your dog tugging the Frisbee. Pets will bring out the spontaneous playfulness that adds dimension to the filming.

Final Thoughts

Every opportunity that you get to celebrate your family is precious. When you can capture moments in time and keep them forever, you will have lovely reminders when you sit down to tell stories. You can use any of the pictures to send as the Christmas greeting cards. The grandparents will adore them.