Get Familiar with The Surprising Anxiety Triggers for Better Management

Anxiety makes people worried or tensed and even hinder their daily work performance. Some people even suffer from extreme chest pain and panic attack. It is a mental health condition that affects majority of people.

What is the cause of anxiety disorder is still not clear? It is believed to be a combination of different factors including environmental and genetic reasons. Triggers are elements that cause anxiety symptoms to start or make them worse.

Anxiety triggers differ from one to another but some are common. Many people struggle with multiple triggers, while a few get anxiety attacks triggered for no reason. Obviously, you can consider to attend an anxiety therapy Sheffield workshop or program, so as to identify your triggers. The experts can even give advice on how to manage anxiety.

Know the common anxiety triggers

Health problems

Health diagnosis like chronic illness or cancer can be upsetting. This kind of anxiety trigger is very potent as instant personal emotions get produced.


Over the counter drugs or certain prescribed medicines can trigger anxiety symptoms. There can be active ingredients in the medications that can make you feel unwell or uneasy.


Many people depend on a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up but this is the worst anxiety trigger, as per a study. People struggling with social anxiety disorder or panic attack are very sensitive to caffeine as it induces anxiety effect.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals can lower blood sugar, which can make your stomach rumble and hands go jittery? Healthy snacks are necessary to avoid low sugar level and feel of agitation.

Negative thoughts

Mind controls human body and so does your anxiety. When you feel frustrated or upset the negative thinking can trigger anxiety.

Financial worries

Payment of debts, unexpected bills, and saving money can cause concerns.

Social events or parties

Some people are not comfortable to make a small talk at social events, which is called social anxiety disorder.


Relationship issues including disagreements and arguments are kind of conflicts that worsen your anxiety.


Traffic jams, missing an appointment, getting delayed are daily stressors, which can transform into chronic stress overtime.

Seek professional help, if you struggle with anxiety triggers!