Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024

Does brown fat help you lose weight?  

    Have you actually realised that day by day, obesity seems like a normal occurrence although in low and middle-income countries? This is totally different if you compare back to a few decades ago and surprisingly during the old time it was a problem of people in high-income countries. Obesity has been known to be the main culprit of so many diseases such as diabetes and heart attack. Hence, in this DoctorOnCall’s article, we will be talking more about the most potential way to help lose weight, which is brown fat.

    We may have embedded in our mind that fat is bad. Is it though? Brown fat or brown adipose tissue certainly is not bad fat. This is in contrast to white fat which is known to be associated with obesity despite being a means for the body to store energy. Brown fat is known to produce heat when the body is exposed to a cold environment. Modern living has led humans to eat food that is rich in energy and less movement compared to our ancestors. Thus, utilisation of the brown fat is less in this way of living as compared to the life of people in the old days. This has led to weight gain instead due to accumulation of the white fat.

       Researchers used to understand that this brown fat only exists in infants as it helps to regulate their body temperature. Nowadays, as science evolves, researchers have found that adults also carry this brown fat and much more research is done to make full use of this fat especially in helping to treat excessive weight and issues related. Brown fat breaks down the blood sugar (glucose) and fatty components inside the body to help regulate body temperature. One of the research studies shows that a team of men that have been exposed to cold temperature for 2 hours shows high brown fat activity that reduces the level of branched amino acids (BCAAs) that is linked with obesity and diabetes.

       Brown fat is special compared to white fat as it contains more mitochondria. Mitochondria is a tiny structure in cells that works as an engine to produce heat. When the body is exposed to cold temperature, brown fat produces a protein called SLC25A44, which brings BCAAs into the mitochondria. In short, brown fat activity is, without a doubt, helps to lower the BCAAs.

       Is getting exposed to cold temperature the only way for you to try to activate this brown fat? Truthfully, it remains unclear how much intense cold a person needs to get exposed before a person can increase the level of these brown fat. Well, the good thing is, a simple exercise routine and regularly done have been proven to help start activating the brown fat calories burning machine of the body. Beside exercising, you may want to incorporate some food that potentially convert those white fat into brown ones. This includes turmeric, green tea, chilli peppers, apples and fish oil.

       In essence, brown fat does help you lose weight. By attempting to activate brown fat and increase the level of this fat, you are already on your way not only to reduce the number on that weight scale, but also lead a much healthier life. Remember, brown fat and white fat, both are essential for the human body. The key is to make sure you always have a balanced meal packed with nutrition along with an active lifestyle. Managing stress by making sure you have a good rest by having quality sleep and relaxation can also help you to lose weight and have a peaceful mind. If you are thinking of taking supplements to help you lose weight, make sure it is registered under the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).