Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024

A Complete Guide to Types of Eye Surgery

Your eyes are one of the most precious organs in your body, which help you to see the beautiful world around you. But not everyone is lucky enough to have good eyes. Some might have to face challenges because their vision isn’t clear. There are different ways in which you can clear out your vision and make it as good as new.

Among all the available options, smile surgery is one unique and advanced technique available right at your fingertips! It is a form of the laser technique, which will be using the latest developments taking place in the refractive laser section.

ReLEx SMILE Surgery:

Let’s not forget that smile eye surgery is an FDA-approved method, and right now, there are more than 4 million eyes that have been treated using this mechanism on a global front. All the major leading hospitals and even well-trained ophthalmologists are going for this form of surgery to remove spectacle. It is one of the most advanced forms of laser vision correction process, which can now be available from a reputed centre.

  • This is a quick procedure and will have a faster healing time, that works wonderfully for maximum people.
  • Other than LASIK and PRK, this method is highly suitable for patients suffering from dry eyes and even contact lens intolerance.
  • It is not hard to state that smile eye surgery is a quicker process and with a faster recovery time. It is also USAA FDA Approved, which is enough to prove why doctors are recommending this surgery.
  • This is one preferred LVC process designed to manage the comfort, safety, and speedy recovery notions of the patients out there.
  • It is one minimally invasive procedure, which will not need to create those flaps, much like the other laser surgeries.
  • When compared to some of the older versions like LASIK or Contoura Vision, this particular ReLEx smile eye surgery is a bit more towards the popular side, and for good reasons.
  • To this date, around 40 lakh eyes have been treated using this mechanism, and the success rate is always towards the more significant growth.

Contoura vision:

It is yet another type of eye surgery and is a form of bladeless LASIK technique. For performing this mechanism, the special Contoura vision machine is used. This surgery procedure was launched recently, and the initial success can well be attributed to customized corneal correction.

  • Custom corneal correction is one of the best USPs of this procedure, making it even more popular among the masses.
  • But, scientifically, Contura is one bladeless topo-guided LASIK, and it will involve making a flap.
  • Customized corneal correction occurs by first making out the big flap and then exposing the cornea to the laser rays.

Check out all the eye surgical processes first, and then make way for the most suitable one to match your needs. The ophthalmologist is going to check out your eye condition first before recommending the best method. As many of the ophthalmologists today recommend ReLEx smile eye surgery technique which is having better results compared to other eye surgery techniques.