Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024

A Closer Look at Phentermine 37.5 vs Adipex

Are you currently doing some research to try to figure out what diet pills are out there to help you slim down more easily? Then you have probably already seen the names phentermine 37.5 and adipex come up rather often in your search results, right? That’s because these are two of the most popular prescription diet products available.

What are some of the similarities between these products, and what are the major differences between adipex vs phentermine 37.5? We cover some helpful information below that you can use when you have a chat with your doctor about how you can go about losing weight in a safe and effective manner.

Which One Is the Generic?

It turns out that these two diet pills are actually the same thing. One is really just the generic of the other one. Can you guess which is the brand, and which one is the generic? Well, if you guessed that adipex is the brand name, and that phentermine 37.5 is the generic, you were right!

Both of these diet pills are prescribed for weight loss, and for obesity, in particular. If your doctor has diagnosed you as obese, and you have been having a lot of trouble slimming down with diet and exercise alone, he or she might tell you that taking either adipex or phentermine 37.5 is the next step.

What Else Makes These Prescriptions So Similar?

Adipex and phentermine 37.5 have a lot in common. As a few examples:

  • They are both classified as CNS stimulants and anorexiants
  • They come in two forms: tablets and capsules, which are taken by mouth
  • They have a 20-hour half-life
  • Their dosage is 37.5 mg

There are also some serious things to consider before deciding to take either one of these prescription diet pills:

First off, they do come with a long list of side effects, some of which can be serious. And, they are not safe to take while you are pregnant. These pills can adversely interact with other medications that you are taking, so you should disclose all other medications and supplements that you are taking to your doctor to be sure adipex or phentermine 37.5 would be right for you.

Finally, you should also let your doctor know about other medical conditions that you have been diagnosed with, as adipex and phentermine 37.5 may adversely affect certain conditions as well.

Are There Any Differences Between Phentermine 37.5 and Adipex?

Sure, they are pretty much the same product, but there are a couple of differences that are worth noting. Which one came first? Well, that would be phentermine, which has been around since 1973. Adipex was not approved until 1980.

Also, when it comes to price, these pills can be quite different from one another. In keeping with generics typically being more affordable, you will likely find that adipex is the more expensive of the two.

Short-Term Solutions to Consider to Lose Weight

Ultimately, these are both a couple of options if you have been struggling to lose weight and your doctor thinks that a short-term, prescription solution would be right for you. Be careful, though, as both of these pills can cause dependency, so take them only as directed.