The most important rules for the care of blonde hair

Natural or bleached, blonde hair always needs special treatment. Find out how to take care of them every day so that you can always enjoy their healthy condition.

Blond is the color that has always been the most desirable one. Whether natural or bleached, fair hair is invariably eye-catching – but it also requires care and a bit more comprehensive care. 

Natural blonde hair usually has a different, more porous structure than darker shades. Therefore, they react faster to changes, both in terms of the environment and cosmetics. 

Light hair is more frizzy and more prone to brittleness and dryness. In addition, blonde is by far the most sensitive color: it reacts badly, for example, to inaccurate (or irregular) detangling or high temperature. So what do you need to remember?

First point: washing + nutrition

Washing gold-colored hair is best carried out according to the principles of the OMO method : nutrition, washing and re-nutrition in turn. This method brings excellent results, especially in the case of excessively brittle, brittle and delicate hair – and this is usually the case with blonde hair. 

The OMO method additionally protects the hair against harmful ingredients of chemical origin, which are commonly used in many cosmetics. The methods are

  • securing the hair structure by using a conditioner before washing,
  • gentle shampooing of hair protected with a conditioner,
  • revitalizing the hair by applying a mask after washing (for about 10-15 minutes).

Brittle blonde hair will especially love natural emollient conditioners. Try to avoid those that contain strong substances (ethyl alcohol, SLS, parabens). However, remember to try to maintain a balance of PEH in doing so .

Second point: drying

Drying is one of the treatments that can spoil the hair structure the most. This applies in particular to frequent drying with a stream of hot air. Although the hair then dries incomparably faster, the damage caused by the dryer can be deadly for its condition.

How can I fix it? First of all – let the hair dry on its own. In the case of high porosity, delicate blonde hair, this process will be incomparably faster than in the case of brunettes, owners of heavier and thicker hair. However, if this is not possible, dry your hair with cold air only, using a hot stream only at the roots.

Third point: oiling

Each type of hair loves oiling, but in the case of blonde hair, these processes are even more important. All this is due to the high porosity of the hair, thanks to which the nourishing substances contained in the oils are better absorbed – and can bring truly stunning effects!

Blonde hair will like colorless oils with large particles. We are talking mainly about oils with a predominance of polyunsaturated acids (omega-3 and omega-6), such as linseed oil, grape seed oil or sunflower oil. In the case of hair oiling, the best solution is to experiment with different methods, doses and substances. Just remember to use this type of treatment relatively systematically.

Fourth point: brushing

Brushing is an extremely important procedure, the importance of which should not be overlooked in the case of every type and color of hair. Delicate, naturally brittle blonde hair also requires a special brush. Set aside any hard, unpleasant plastics that may do more harm than good. 

Instead, use a wide-toothed brush made of soft fibers. In this way, you will not only stimulate hair growth by improving microcirculation at its roots, but also avoid painful pulling. For this reason, detangle your hair gently – but regularly. In addition, you will protect them when you pin them into one compact lock before going to sleep.

How to keep a cool shade of blonde?

Finally, a small post scriptum for people who, after dyeing platinum, struggle with the inevitable yellowing of their hair. The method that can delay this process is to use cosmetics (rinses, masks, shampoos) in purple – it is this color that is able to eliminate the yellow shade. A natural alternative for them can be a gentian, thanks to which you can color “ordinary” preparations in this color.