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What to Expect During a Dental Implant Treatment

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Many patients are surprised to see the advancement in the field of dental implant and how they experienced least discomfort when they opted for such treatment option. Detailed preparation beforehand makes the implant placement a minor surgical procedure. A lot of planning and assessment takes place in advance.

Your dentist will first do thorough oral examination, which includes radiography, and at times CT scan of the jaw to know the exact shape and condition of the bone. This procedure helps the doctor to decide where the tooth implantation must be done during the surgery.

Once you decide to go for implants, your next step is to decide on the day that is convenient to you for this procedure. It is a good idea to get the procedure done as quickly as possible.

Once the treatment is done, the responsibility is on you to take good care of your oral hygiene for the optimum health of your new teeth. Along with the natural teeth, even the implanted teeth need to be provided with perfect care for a healthier tooth to keep away the problems. It is also important that you visit a professional regularly.

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Here are tips that you will require to know after your implant surgery is done


If you notice that you are bleeding a bit, do not panic as it is quite normal for 24 hours post-surgery. If there is excessive bleeding, bite a gauze for 30 minutes. If the bleeding continues see your dentist immediately.


After dental surgery, you may notice slight swelling. It is recommended that you place an ice pack on the cheek where the surgery was done. For the next two days after the surgery try placing the ice pack as frequently as you can. It is even better to place something frozen on your cheek for ten minutes and then take a 20 minutes break. Repeat the cycle as long as you can.


Make sure that you

  • Have plenty of fluid.
  • Avoid having hot things.
  • Consume soft food after the surgery.
  • Do not swill fluid.

You can have your normal diet once you feel fine unless your doctor has directed you to follow a restricted diet.


As soon as you feel the anesthetic is fading away take a painkiller that is prescribed by your dentist. You can take a dose of ibuprofen. In case, the pain rises get in touch with your dentist so they can prescribe a stronger pill.

If you are using denture then make sure to ask your dentist when you can use it after the surgery. Make sure that you avoid visiting the gym for a while after the surgery as it can make you feel weak after the surgery.

Make sure that after your surgery is done, you follow good oral hygiene and do visit the dentist for regular checkup. Do not put pressure on the area where the surgery was done as this can affect your implant.