Truths And Myths About The Vasectomy Procedure

There are a lot of misconceptions that surround the vasectomy procedure, and if you want to know the truth it is important that you talk to your doctor. Here you will see some common myths about the vasectomy and the truths about the procedure as well.

However, it is always better to talk to a professional about the procedure and what you can expect. You can also check out expert vasectomy in North Shore Sydney by Vasectomy Australia if you are interested, or you can search for more local options instead.


It is important to talk to your doctor

Your sex drive will not change!

Usually, men think that their sex drive will change once they go through the vasectomy procedure. However, the only thing that the vasectomy procedure will do is make your semen sterile, and thus prevent all unwanted pregnancies to begin with.

The vasectomy procedure is a simple one, and it will not affect your sex drive, your libido, or you performance in the bedroom. The production of semen will still be the same, and you do not have to worry about having a different feeling as well.

The vasectomy is a simple procedure

This is a very simple procedure that is often done in the doctor’s office. Your doctor will numb your scrotum and then make small cuts on each side, or punctures, depending on the method he or she is using. After that the doctor will block your vas deferens, and make your semen sterile. The procedure might feel a bit uncomfortable and cause mild pain, but nothing too much.

Tubal ligations?

How much do you know about permanent birth control in women? Tubal ligations often sound like a better option to men, but that is not true. Tubal ligations are a much bigger surgery, that can cause a lot of complications and the failure rate is much higher, not to mention that for the vasectomy you need a week tops to heal, while women will take more than two weeks to get back on their feet.

Vasectomies can fail

Such as any other procedure, the vasectomy has its own possibility of failure, but more often than not it will succeed. Actually, the success rate of the vasectomy procedure is almost 100%, so keep that in mind and make sure that you no longer want to have children.


Learn more about the vasectomy procedure

Keep in mind that while the reversal procedure is possible, it mostly will not work. So, if you are interested you can check out vasectomy in Sutherland Shire by Vasectomy Australia or you can visit a more local clinic instead.

Final word

There are many things to be considered when talking about the vasectomy procedure. Doing your own online research is a good idea, but you should think about scheduling a consultation with your doctor instead. Talk to your doctor about the procedure, what to expect, and anything else you might be concerned about.