The Right Fitting Compression Garment To A Lymphedema Patient

Lymphedema is a condition that causes lymph to build up and cause discomfort in a particular area of the human body. The discomfort causes trouble with the smooth going life of an individual. The situation of lymphedema lives lifelong as there is no cure for such a condition.

It is luckily heard and known that some pain-relieving commodities help in easing the swelling and help in keeping lymphedema under check. One of these items is compression garments as recommended by a specialist.

Compression garments come in different sizes and forms. A consultant or expert can suggest, looking at the site of disease and the level of swelling that is built up in the body.

The Right length compression garment

It is advisable to choose a garment that properly covers the site of the swelling. There are compression garments of various sizes for arms, legs and chest which a specialist would recommend to the patients. The patients can make sure they feel comfortable in the wear by testing it for a few days and talking to the doctor if there is any discrepancy connected with its usage.

Maintenance and safeguard

 One should make sure that there are no curves and creases while applying the garment. It should not be pulled over firmly; rather it should be pulled slowly and with care. It’s due to the reason is that compression garment is not ordinary outerwear like a shirt or pant. It should be kept clean and safe from soot, insects and other degrading creatures.

Avoid applying a cream to the area

There is a misconception that applying a cream serves better in fitting the garment properly. But all these are wrong and often do not work out. It is because it will not allow the bandage or the garment to fit close to the swelled site, resulting in worsening of the symptoms then doing any good effect on the muscles.

Refrain from applying on a sweaty area

One should keep the area dry and ensure that it is not moistened due to the accumulation of sweat. If the site looks sweaty, then one should rub it with a dry cloth.

Avoid covering the bandage after bathing, because in that case too skin maintains some water on itself. Garment will not render fruitful results in that case.

Can be worn over daily

There is no hard and fast rule that one has to wear a garment sparing two to three days. It can be worn daily with proper guidance from the doctor or an expert in this field. He is the one who can decide appropriate schedules for the garment. If the doctor assumes that the garment is not fit for nightwear, then he can advise the patient regarding such a notion.

Strolling with compression garments for lymphedema there is no restriction on walking with compression garments on, in case of lymphedema. There is a misconception that it produces a negative effect on the site. It produces a better and positive result than sitting idle in one place. Walking and a little bit of jogging with the compression garments on helps in easing the symptoms and helping the fluids to flow inside the body.

A person with lymphedema can live a normal life just like other people. Compression garments are a blessing made to ensure a safe and smooth life for people struggling with lymphedema. If used properly and as directed by the doctor or medical consultant, they can turn into a gift for injured patients.