Facts Regarding Teen Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction in Houston

Teen Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a big problem, even among teenagers. However, teenagers’ drinking habits are very different from those of adults. You ought to know the reasons why teens drink and the warning signs that your teen may have an alcohol abuse problem if you want to help them. Contact Mallard Lake Center to learn more about our teen alcohol addiction treatment services. 

The Role of Teenage Drinking in the Development of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is by far the most often abused drug among young people. They drink more often than they use marijuana or tobacco. Additionally, people tend to drink more heavily as they become older. There is no statistically significant difference in the teenage drinking rates of females and boys. Therefore, your teenage girl is not immune to the risks associated with drinking and addiction.

The trend of alcohol use among teenagers is distinct from that among adults. Teenagers don’t drink as frequently, but when they do, it’s usually in massive binges. The developing brain of a teenager can be harmed by repeated binge drinking. Cognitive impairment, memory loss, and attentional difficulties are only some of the long-term consequences of teen binge drinking.

There is a correlation between the effects of alcohol on the developing brain and the development of alcohol addiction in young people. Adolescents who begin drinking before age 15 are at increased risk of developing an alcohol use disorder. However, external variables that push them to drink also affect teens’ odds of developing alcohol addiction and eventually requiring a drug abuse treatment program.

Causes of Alcohol Addiction Among Teenagers

Teenagers’ drinking habits and motivations are distinct from those of adults. Some of the many causes of teenage alcohol abuse are as follows.

  • Peer pressure.
  • Experiencing traumatic events.
  • Undergoing major life changes like a parent’s divorce.
  • Difficulty meeting academic standards.

Firstly, teenagers may drink to appease their peers and feel accepted in their social circles. Secondly, if a teenager is going through an emotional crisis or has an untreated mental health condition and don’t have any tools to deal with it, they may turn to alcohol. It’s been shown that many teenagers who struggle with alcoholism or other forms of drug misuse also deal with issues like social isolation, anxiety, depression, or poor self-esteem. In addition, teenagers may drink to relieve stress before or after social events. Some teenagers believe that alcohol is necessary to become socially engaged or attend social events. Lastly, the physical and mental changes that occur throughout puberty are pivotal in every teenager’s life. However, significant life changes like sickness, relocating, troubled relationships, divorce, or losing a loved one might increase the likelihood of alcohol or drug abuse as a coping mechanism.

Get The Best Help For Your Teen Alcohol Addiction at Mallard Lake Detox Center

Finding and treating the underlying reasons for alcohol misuse is crucial to successful treatment for alcoholism in teenagers. Teenagers struggling with alcohol addiction often need intensive, round-the-clock care in a residential or inpatient facility. Nonetheless, some adolescents may benefit greatly from outpatient therapy or a reduced-intensity inpatient program.

Alcohol abuse and addiction in teens cause problems for the whole household. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas, for assistance with your teen’s alcohol addiction. Our center offers many kinds of addiction therapy, including a special program for teenage girls and boys. Contact Mallard Lake to get your teen on the road to recovery from alcohol dependency.