In the modern world, people are more aware of the importance of physical fitness and exercise in maintaining overall wellness, which explains why gym facilities are in demand. Finding a good gym in your local neighborhood can help you achieve your fitness goals and motivate you toward reaching new fitness levels every time. There are many gyms, but not all align with your fitness goals or lifestyle. Here are some evaluations to make when shopping for one.


Convenience and accessibility are some of the main considerations when looking for a new gym Kirkland. The closer the gym is, the more convenient and easy it is for you to attend your gym sessions. If you can’t find a gym facility near your residential place, it is easier to find one on your way from work, making it easier to pop in and work out in the evening as you head home. A convenient gym increases your probability of consistently using the facility.

Equipment variety

A well-stocked gym motivates you to exercise harder and increases your chances of finding out what works for you. A good gym should have assorted equipment, including dumbbells, cardio machines, weight machines, stretching areas, dancing areas, etc. 

You want a gym with a variety of this equipment so that you don’t have to wait in line to use them or have a limited time when using them. Also, it is a red flag if the facility has many gym equipment that is out of order. You can visit the gym during different hours to see how busy it can get and if you can deal with that.

Gym hours

Do the operational hours of the gym align with your workout schedule? You need a gym that aligns with your workout plan at the end of the day. While some people work out in the morning, others go to the gym in the evening, and others at different day hours. First, determine your most preferred workout time, then see if the gym is usually open during such hours. Find out what the gym offers during those hours and decide from there.

Training options

Do you prefer to work out on your own? Do you need a trainer? While some people like to make their fitness journey alone, others need a trainer to make it work. You want a gym like the one located in Kirkland urban plaza next door to Google that aligns with your working out style. 

Since working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals, a gym that provides personal trainers at affordable costs is preferable. Ensure you find out which classes the trainer offers and whether they require extra payment outside your gym membership fees.


Gym membership and personal trainers are a lot of things but not cheap. Luckily many gyms offer a free membership or low-cost trial period for new members. Most importantly, avoid signing up for the gym membership for the long term until you are sure it offers quality services. Also, make no assumptions about what your gym membership package comes with.