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Month: December 2022

Is There Anyone Using Brain Enhancement Supplements

The notion of “smart drugs” has lately captured the attention of the media. Do they, however, have the desired effect? Who is stealing these without their permission? Would you take medicine if you knew it might help you get rid of brain fog, regain focus, and enhance your productivity throughout the day? Many people believe […]

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The benefits of using a beaker base bong

  A beaker base bong is a type of water pipe and it is commonly used for smoking marijuana. They get their name from the fact that they have a beaker-shaped base, which is wider and more stable than other types of bongs. This makes them ideal for use at home or in social meetings, […]

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How to find the right cbd oil for cats?

All types of cats and dogs can benefit from pet CBD oil tinctures, which are made with both hemp and MCT oil. Before you start using your pet’s CBD oil, it is important to understand which type will work best for your pet. For small pets, the medium pet tincture is ideal for around 20 […]

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Does brown fat help you lose weight?  

    Have you actually realised that day by day, obesity seems like a normal occurrence although in low and middle-income countries? This is totally different if you compare back to a few decades ago and surprisingly during the old time it was a problem of people in high-income countries. Obesity has been known to be […]

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Who is at risk for dengue

Who is at risk for dengue?

Dengue fever has been known to be an illness that is commonly spotted in South-East Asia countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It is estimated that 100-400 million infections occur each year. A person with dengue can show a wide range of symptoms, at times even not with any prominent symptoms. 80% people […]

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Cannabis sativa plant and its origin

Cannabis sativa plant is an herbal plant found mostly in the eastern part of Asia. It is an herbaceous plant known as the hemp plant. There are many uses available for the Cannabis Sativa plant. The main constituent of the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis sativa contains more than 20% of THC. There are more […]

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What Is a Refillable Pod System?

Pod systems are a type of vape that stores e-liquid in small plastic pods. These devices are convenient and have been gaining popularity among the vaping community. They have a wide range of advantages over other vaping devices. A พอต system is made up of a battery and pods. They typically come in multi-pack sets of four […]

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